Way back in late November of Ď82, I was born in the quiet village of Colorado Springs. I spent most of my days there living with my families until moving to Boulder to attend college and local Happy Hours. Upon graduation, having found myself in significant debt, I was forced to cancel my plans for an extravagant world tour and immediately enter the job market. To this day, I am employed at the local Internet company as an Analyst, whatever the hell that means. But they pay well and I get free air conditioning so I canít complain.

Right now I am living the dream in my little house in Denver with my lovely girlfriend Rachel and those two mischievous cats: King Henry and Holly. Besides long walks on the beach, I love short hikes in the mountains, video games (especially the old NES), chess, stand-up comedy, science fiction, poker, horseshoes, hip hop, beer, bowling, gambling, enchiladas, politics, philosophy, tai chi, kung fu, miniature golf, football, shooting, piracy, masonry, quantum physics, and of course chillin with friends and family.

Plans for the future? Sure man, someday I want to visit one of the secret bases on the dark side of the moon.

Favorite Reading: Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, the Pillars of the Earth, Slaughterhouse Five, and the Far Side collection

Favorite Listening: The Living Legends, Outkast, Andre Nickatina, Thelonious Monk, and Creedance Clearwater Revival

My Heros: Bruce Lee, Nikola Tesla, Master Yoda, Richard Pryor, and Jesus