*Update* I have finally begun to regularly add some junk to this page, I apologize for the delay

If there is one thing I love it is a good joke. This page will eventually contain all the crazy shit that I feel is humorous enough to share, but until I get the time to post all that, please enjoy this hilarious clip of Stephen Colbert making fun of the President to his face - priceless

Colbert roasts W. Bush on C-SPAN

'Real Men of Genius' - Balloon Boy

Cat Herders

Jimmy Kimmels Unnecessary Censorship

JibJab 2008 Election Video

Armchair Quarterback Blizted:

Some recent news from the Onion:

Cubicle Wars

Kenny Powers Powerisms

direct link

Flight of the Conchords: Part Time Model

"The Landlord" - original Will Ferrell skit
-speaking of classic Ferrell skits, can't forget the cowbell baby!

Sesame Streetz

Mitch Hedberg (one of my favorite comedians of all time)
Strategic Grill Locations - CD

Hit me up for a copy...

Jon LaJoie - "Everyday Normal Guy"

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation!


Gratuitous Nut Shot :)